You are currently viewing New Mangools Review for 2022 | Is it worth using it?

New Mangools Review for 2022 | Is it worth using it?

A lot of you have heard of a tool called Mangools which is basically an SEO tool. In this blog, you will learn about Mangools and how it can affect your business from taking to a low level business to a brand. We will also go through the pros and the cons of using Mangools and how you can actually use Mangools so let’s dive into it

“Note if you would not like to read then you can use a free trial down below. Just click the button and it will take you to the website and sign in there and you can use it for free”

What is Mangools Seo?

Mangools is a software tool that lets you manage SEO for your brands and websites. It’s basically an alternative of Ahrefs and Semrush but Mangools is way cheaper than any other.

Mangools software contains 5 tools that lets you optimize SEO and it’s so user friendly that you will love it, once you start using it.

How to use Mangools?

Mangools is a very user-friendly based website that help you to optimize SEO. So Mangools basically has 5 separate tools for SEO so that it’s easy to navigate them. You can use a free trial, Just click the button down below and it will take you to 10 day free trial. Once you logged in you will see a dashboard similar to what you see down below.

The Dashboard of Mangools
Dashboard of Mangools

As you can see, there are SEO tools pinned in the dashboard which is easy to locate. There are 5 SEO tools in Mangools and we will go over all of them so don’t need to panic.

  1. Keyword research (KW FInder)
  2. Rank tracking (SERP Watcher)
  3. Local SERP analysis (SERP Checker)
  4. Backlink analysis (LinkMiner)
  5. SEO metrics (SiteProfiler)

KW Finder

KW Finder stands for keyword finder tool and it’s an seo tool which lets you research on keywords and it is so popular nowadays that people only know this tool when they hear the word “Mangools”. But there are more apps that are available on mangools for your help

So first of all we will go over on how you can use mangools seo tools. The user interface of Mangools is very friendly and smooth.

Interface of KW Finder

Once you click on KW FInder you will see a screen like this where there is a bunch of options you can choose but we will go over them shortly. So first of all we will select a keyword for exmaple Mangools and click on find keywords. You can also find keywords by just pasting the URL and mangools will give you the best automated keywords that extracted from google. You can choose a location too if you are searching something for a specific country and also you can select the language too if you are using some other language.

After that, you will see a variety of options on all over your screen. But first I will cover the left side then I will cover the right side.

Left side of KW Finder

So on the left where it says keywords, it’s showing you all the keywords that are related to your word. For example it’s showing me mangools, mangools seo, mangools login. mangools review and etc.

And to the next, it’s showing you a graph of how much the keyword is trending right now. Next, the search is used for how much the search of that word has been done before which is a great thing for seo.

Next, it shows you the CPC which stands for Cost Per Click. Some of them can have a higher CPC and some of them can have lower. It depends on the keyword.

Next, it shows you the PPC which basically means Pay Per Click. It’s useful for those people who are running ad campaigns and it tells them how much you get charged if you use this type of keyword which is really cool.

And in the last, it tells us how hard the keyword is to rank on google. While you will see some keywords are easy to rank and some of them are not.

Green color represents that you can use those keywords as they are not that difficult to rank. Orange color shows that the keyword is a bit hard but not too much so it’s like a medium type keyword. And lastly, there is a red color which is not shown in the picture but it basically tells you that the keyword is hard to rank.

You can refresh the page too if you are having any error just click the button in the bottom right. Also, you can add the list of keywords as you favorites just click on the button and add them to your list. Next up we got export button which basically let’s you export your list of keywords.

Filter option of KW Finder

There is also a filter option which you can use to filter out the keywords based on your preferences. You can search volume, ppc, keywords, cpc, difficulty and much more.

There is also a feature next to related keywords which is a Autocomplete button which takes keyword from google automatically and put it in your list.

Next up we got questions button. You can use this feature if you are making FAQ’s for any particular product. It’s really useful because it gives you the exact same questions that people are searching on google.

So now we have covered the left side now we will move on to the right side.

Right side of KW Finder

If you click on a keyword that we have chosen in the previous step, you will see a right side like this. The right side gives you the more depth information of the keyword.

At the top you will see the keyword difficulty and to the right you will see a graph chart which shows you how much the keyword is trending. You can check the keyword information about when the keyword was too easy to rank.

In the bottom, you can see what websites are using this keyword and their back links. You just simply click on one of the websites and it will basically take you to their page where you can see how you can make your content way better and user friendly than your competitors.

For the next options, I will provide you a list of what those abbreviations stands for and what’s their purpose.

  1. DA: DA stands for Domain Authority. It tells you that how well a website can be ranked on google so to rank on google you need to have a good DA.
  2. PA: PA stands for Page Authority and it shows you that how well you can rank your page on google.
  3. CF: CF stands for Citation Flow and it tells you how many sites are linked to that particular website.
  4. TF: TF stands for Trust Flow. It tells you if the site is linked to a trusted and safe website.
  5. Links: Links which tells you how many back links that URL has.
  6. FB: FB stands for Facebook shares and it tells you the number of share the were given to the website.
  7. LPS: LPS stands for Link Profile strength which means how strong the URL is.
  8. EV: Ev stands for Estimated Visits the websites get per month.

All those great features are from Moz which is pretty cool if you think about it

There is one more feature in Mangools that lets you extract keyword from a particular website. Have a look at the example below.

Dashboard of KWFinder using Domain option

SERP Checker

SERP Checker is a tool that lets you analyze your keyword and find your competitor weaknesses. In my case, I will use a keyword called tacos recipe and I will select a specific location for example USA or you can select any other else.

Overview of SERP Checker

Once you put all the information that is required and click on the analyze serp. It will give you all the details that you need about the keyword and you can also track what websites are using that keyword.

SERP Checker deeper look

Now you can see which websites are using that keyword and you can see if that keyword is able to rank on google. Also, if you have a lower search feature impact, then that’s good for your audience and the also highlighted this in green which means its good. You can also see the number of results of this particular keyword that you typed. There is also another feature in SERP watcher you can use and that is the snapshot. You can have a look of the search engine in that website. There is an example I have attached below this paragraph which you can use to see how it looks like.

SERP Checker snapshot feature

SERP Watcher

SERP Watcher is a ranking tracker tool that lets you track your website. To use this you just need to enter your domain that you want to track, select the location and the device which you want to track for as shown in the picture below

SERP Watcher interface 1

So for the next step you would have to add some keywords that are related to your website, and hit enter to add multiple keywords or else you can import keywords from other source too. Not only that, they also give you an option to find keywords using their built in tool in their website so you don’t have to go anywhere else. After you done with all the procedures, click on the start tracking button and it will start tracking your website.

SERP Watcher Interface 2

When you done will all the steps, the SERP watcher will at least take 30 minutes to make a report for you. In report, Serp watcher will analyze how can your website rank based on the keywords that you have provided. If the keywords are too competitive, it will show you a red number. It will show you your performance meaning how you did with the keywords that you have already put in. Again, it’s so important to have the right keyword to rank your website.

SERP Watcher Interface 3

Link Miner

Next up we got link miner which is basically a tool for you to analyze backlinks for your website. As opposed to Semrush, Ahrefs and Moz which all show off their own link indices, but LinkMiner does’t do that. Despite of that, they collect data from Majestic SEO. It’s good due to having a premium backlink checker such as Majestic SEO which is way faster in indexing and web crawling than Ahrefs.

The data that you see in Link Miner is a lot valuable than any other SEO software’s because it provides you a lot data that could be used. Also, there is a feature which you can use in LinkMiner which basically is to check the entire domain or each page in order.

Just insert your URL in there and let Link Miner do the magic for you.

Link Miner Interface

Here now you can see a lot of details about backlinks that are referring back to your website. Also, LinkMiner gives you a score of how strong your backlinks are based on their metrics. You can also see the follow backlinks and the no follow backlinks. If you don’t see any other backlinks just click on filter and filter out the backlinks you want for example no follow backlinks and it will give you the no follow backlinks which is pretty simple.

  1. CF: CF stands for Citation Flow and it tells you how many sites are linked to that particular website.
  2. TF: TF stands for Trust Flow. It tells you if the site is linked to a trusted and safe website.
  3. EL: EL stands for External links which basically tells you how many external links are pointing at your website.
  4. FB: FB stands for Facebook shares and it tells you the number of share the were given to the website.
  5. WPR: WPR stands for Website Popularity Rank which tells you the popularity of those websites that are used for backlinks.
  6. HREF: HREF stands for Hypertext Reference which tells you the path of the website that’s being used for backlink.

So overall, I would say it’s a best tool since its’ powered by the Majestic SEO so it gives you a lot more data than Ahref’s.

Link Miner Inner Interface

Site Profiler

Site profiler is a tool given by Mangools for us to get the whole analytics of our website. This SEO tool is all in one meaning it gives you all the information that you need in one place such as backlinks and much more. To use this tool just paste the domain link of your website and click on analyze.

Site Profiler Interface

Once you click on analyze, it will give you the overall analytics of your website. So first we are going to go through Overview section which basically gives you the Domain Authority of your website and page authority. It also gives you the citation flow and the trust flow for you. It even tells you the popularity rank of your website and how many IP’s are referred. We can’t forget the Facebook shares that your website gets so it’s important to keep track of everything. Also you can choose the time span that you would like the analytics of.

Site Profiler Inner Interface 1

For the second category, we have got the backlinks. In this page, it tells you how many active backlinks you have and how many lost backlinks you have. Also tells you about the number of dofollow backlinks and no follow backlinks. it creates a graph for you to easily analyze the backlinks. It also tells you the referring domains and ips that we have talked before.

Site Profiler Inner Interface 2

Next up we have got top content which basically tells you what pages have more ranking than others by giving you the number of Facebook shares referring domains. With this you can see what pages are more ranking and if you click on the 3 dots in the right, it will give you an option of finding keywords and show backlinks which you can use if that’s your favorite thing. But overall your indexed page need to have the more ranking because that’s your home page and if your traffic doesn’t land on this page then I don’t know where it lands probably on moon. That was just a joke.

Site Profiler Inner Interface 3

Lastly, we have got competitors section which is basically a way for you to see who your competitors are in your niche. As an example of mangools, they have neil pate, ahrefs and much more as their competitors so it’s a really helpful tool for you to see who your competitors are and what they are doing. And you can also check their WPR, RI, FB, and Sk which I have already mentioned in the top about what they all meant.

Site Profiler Inner Interface 4

Overall, using this tools is a very helpful part of your SEO because it gives you the data in one place and it divides those sections for you to keep track of which makes it very easy and user friendly.

SEO Extension

Mangools also has an option for you to get the data of any website using their SEO extension which is very helpful. Instead of typing everything you just go any website and get the data. To get this extension just click on Download for and your web browser that you are using right now but they only have this option for firefox and chrome.

Mangools SEO Extension

Once you download it in your browser and run it on the website that you are on, it will automatically give you the results for that particular website. Those results you can also get them on their website but it’s way easier to use the extension. it creates a section within the extension for you to don’t get lost.

For the first section we have got overview which gives you the overview of the website that you are on for example domain and page authority, website rank, Facebook shares and much more.

Mangools Extension Overview

For the next section we have got keywords. In this section, you get to see all the relevant keywords of the website. In my case, it’s seo, kwfinder, mangools and so on. It also gives you the analytics of what you get on their website such as the seach term of the keyword, how difficult the keyword is to rank and much more.

Mangools Extension Keywords

In next section, we have backlinks. The backlinks have an important role in the ranking of your website. With this extension, I get the same backlinks and their details of what i get on their website so why not use the extension.

Mangools Extension Backlinks

The next section we have is On-Page SEO. This section has some more features that we don’t really see on their website or any other platforms such as it tells you the seo of the website and their ranking for example the title length and it tells you if that length is good or not. It has some more features too which I will not get into detail but you can check it.

Mangools Extension On-Page SEO

Lastly, we have rank tracking. This feature can track the website as we have done before but it doesn’t give you that much detail but it’s still good to have something better than nothing

Mangools Extension Rank Tracking

Mangools Pricing

Mangools basically offer 3 packages and those are listed below:

  • Mangools Basic: $49/monthly or 29.90/monthly with a contract of keeping it yearly
  • Mangools Premium: $69/monthly or 39.90/monthly with a contract of keeping it yearly
  • Mangools Agency: $129/monthly or 79.90/monthly with a contract of keeping it yearly

Every plan has the same features that are given to them but the only difference is the usage of Mangools. For example if you are running an agency then you might wanna go with Agency plan. There are two types of payment monthly installments or yearly plan which is much cheaper and they give you a 40% discount on that.

Mangools pricing

Mangools Basic is useful for those who are blogger and have a minimum budget to manage their all small websites.

Mangools Premium is useful for those who really manage large websites but don’t have budget to afford Ahref’s so this plan is for them because they can do a lot more in this

Mangools Agency is useful for those who are running agencies with tons of clients

Pros and Cons

Overall Mangools is a very good platform and it’s cheaper than others. So my reviews are positive about Mangools because Mangools provides you so much in return of nothing. Meaning they charge less and provide so much tools. But there are some things that Mangools isn’t good of but first we will go over the pros.


  • All SEO tools: Mangools is a ver y handy software when it’s time for SEO because it provides you so much tools that gives a lot data than any other software.
  • Pricing: The most cheaper plan that Mangools offer is 29.90/month(paid yearly) and it provides you with such good apps that you need to optimize your SEO in such a cheaper rate whereas Ahref’s prices are way high.
  • User Friendly: Mangools is a very user friendly tool as we have seen above because it provides you every single detail that you need to know to use their apps. Even a beginner in SEO can handle all of this.
  • Link Indexing: The Link indexing tool that has been given by Mangools which is very necessary for your SEO.


  • Site Profiler: This tool has been added by Mangools but it has no use except the format is way better than LinkMiner but they both do the same change whereas LinkMiner is given more priority.
  • Free trial is extremely limited: The free trial that mangools give to it’s users limit the access of fully trying the app since Mangools only lets us to track up to 10 keywords, 5 keyword searches and 2000 backlinks and this trial ends after 10 days.


The review is done from Lureviews about Mangools but is it really good for you? Well the answer is based on what you need. If you want cheaper and userfriendly software that has all the SEO options than I would prefer you to go with Magools which fits with your needs. Using Mangools, you can do keyword research, investigate SERPs, analyze your competitor’s backlinks and track the rankings of your websites.

Although it is way cheaper to use Mangools but it lacks some tools that you see in Semrush but Mangools does it’s job that you need for SEO and why pay extra when you get what you need. Stop thinking about it and click the link below to start the free trial.

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