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WordPress 6.0 – Overflowing with Significant Features and Improvement

WordPress 6.0 is here, as always, right on schedule — May 24th, 2022. The name is “Arturo” after Latin jazz musician and director Arturo O’Farrill, who has 15 albums to his credit. In addition to the incredible number of amazing features and improvements, WordPress 6.0 continues the Full Site Editing journey. WordPress 6.0 intends to consolidate the customization features previously accessible, as WordPress 5.9 brought us to the heart of Gutenberg Phase 2.

However, the new edition is more than that. The release of the site editor was a major milestone, but only the first step in the road, as Matias Ventura pointed out in the Preliminary Roadmap for WordPress 6.0.

Backup Before Updating

WordPress 5.9 has a lot of new features. Before updating your live website, we recommend that you make a backup and test the new version in a staging environment. Include the following in your backup:

  • Plugins
  • Themes
  • WordPress Files
  • Database

You get free daily backups with FastComet. You can also use a backup plugin like BackupBuddy for WordPress. The plugin can manage both manual and automatic backups of your WordPress site.

WordPress 6.0 New Features

We get significant improvements in numerous areas of the CMS with WordPress 6.0, from usability to performance, including the following:

  • Alternative Global Styles A new Navigation UI A new Browse Mode for the site editor;
  • Improved information architecture and browsing experience for templates;
  • Template creation has improved;
  • Improved Navigation Block;
  • New design software.

But wait, there’s more. WordPress 6.0 also includes a large number of updates, features, and bug fixes, including over 400 editor upgrades and 500 bug fixes. Over 189 tickets have been resolved, with 91 new features and enhancements added.

Yes, there’s a lot to go over. So, without further ado, let’s see what’s new in WordPress 6.0.

Webfonts API

A new Webfonts API ensures efficiency and user privacy by providing a standardized way to load webfonts into WordPress.

You can only register a new webfont via your theme.json as of WordPress 6.0.

"typography": {
	"fontFamilies": [
			"fontFamily": "-apple-system,BlinkMacSystemFont,\"Segoe UI\",Roboto,Oxygen-Sans,Ubuntu,Cantarell,\"Helvetica Neue\",sans-serif",
			"name": "System Font",
			"slug": "system-font"
			"fontFamily": "\"Source Serif Pro\", serif",
			"name": "Source Serif Pro",
			"slug": "source-serif-pro"
			"fontFamily": "\"Inter\", sans-serif",
			"name": "Inter",
			"slug": "inter",
			"fontFace": [
					"fontFamily": "Inter",
					"fontWeight": "200 900",
					"fontStyle": "normal",
					"fontStretch": "normal",
					"src": [ "file:./assets/fonts/inter/Inter.ttf" ]

The code above introduced the Inter webfont to Twenty Twenty-default Two’s collection of fontFamilies. If you want to try it out for yourself, download the Inter webfont from Google Fonts and place it in the ./assets/fonts folder, then paste the code above to the settings.typography section of Twenty Twenty-Two’s theme.json. Save the file and return to the site editing area when you’re finished.

The following image shows the result in the editor:

Wordpess 6.0 The WebForm Api screenshot

It’s simple to use the theme.json file. It’s as simple as adding a new font family to the typography section. Webfont registration is demonstrated in the following code:

Global Styles Switching

Global styles variations are one of the most eagerly anticipated improvements of WordPress 6.0. Theme writers can now incorporate numerous sets of Global Styles with their themes, allowing users to quickly switch between style variations.

It’s similar to having ready-to-use child themes, each with its own set of styles.

You’ll place an alternate JSON file in a styles folder in your theme’s root to provide a style variation to your block theme.

A new Browse styles option appears in the Global Styles sidebar in themes that enable Global Styles variations. This opens a panel with a list of possible styles for theme users.

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